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Healing Children, LLC offers a wide range of behavior services to help children become emotionally healthy, happy, mature, and responsible. We work with children, teachers, administrators, and parents to create a Healing Environment. The Healing Environment helps promote lifelong relationships and positive behavior in children while assisting them in their journey to mature and develop to their fullest potential. 

We have found over the years that communication and learning is often most productive in settings that are comfortable. How we connect is just as important as how often we connect, as well as the quality of that connection. Therefore, we offer a variety of services.

Healing Children Services for a Variety of Needs

While education professionals and students have become more connected through technology, we have simultaneously become more isolated. The ever-changing landscape of how we interface with one another has provided numerous opportunities for Healing Children, LLC to deliver value on various platforms in many different ways. We understand that every situation is different, and presents unique challenges. As a result, we offer different ways to engage with us in a way that best fits each circumstance. These include:

Online Healing
Behavior Management Courses

The time, space, energy and focus required to internalize and understand new concepts is limited, especially for teachers, parents, and administrators. This is why we created our library of online behavior management courses. Our courses provide the knowledge necessary to create a healing environment and begin implementing healing discipline in order to support students through the grueling process of growing up.

In-School Healing Behavior Management Trainings

We provide specialized and customized training to schools and school districts who need systems, infrastructure, processes and protocols for implementing a structured, measured, and science-backed approach to managing student behavior. Our techniques can be modified to students ranging from Prek-12th grade and can be applied to classrooms or isolated student cases.

One-on-One Behavior Coaching and Consultation

From time to time, a more intimate discussion involving specific issues may be required. Or the issues at hand are so complex and in-depth that a custom plan, investigation, analysis, strategy, and follow-up is needed. In these situations, we have found that it is most beneficial to have a private one-on-one consultation to go deep into the issues in order to find the right solutions for all parties.

Family and Child Counseling

Some families find it necessary to seek counseling together or specifically for the child. This can be helpful if the child has endured trauma and therefore struggles with trust, emotional regulation, and/or immaturity. Children are also impacted when there is entitlement or overprotection. We work with the child and the whole family system to help with long term healing.

Parent Coaching

Some of our most successful outcomes occur when parents play an active role. For parents, learning how to provide support and discipline in a way that is healing can be challenging. Children do not come with an owner's manual and each child's behavior is a composite of unique traits, personality, environment, and circumstances. We find though that when parents and schools align on what is important for the individual child, beautiful outcomes ensue.

Public In-Person Behavior Seminars

Periodically, we host conferences or in-person seminars that are open to the public. Oftentimes, we receive attendance from school counselors, school psychologists, teachers, principals, parents, school board officials, and many other school- and student-focused professionals. We support others in understanding the "why" of the behavior and how to implement a healing environment that helps children have long term healing and make positive behavioral changes.

Free Healing Children Resources

We realize that understanding child behavior, managing child behavior, and implementing a Healing Environment to help children grow is a bit daunting. Therefore, we have provided free resources to help those who are still learning about the process and want to educate themselves before seeking paid services. These resources are also helpful for those who just don’t know where to start.

We periodically update this section with new questions as they come up from parents, schools, teachers, and administrators as we continue to help parents and education professionals navigate the complexities of child behavior.

We post stories, explore concepts, and ideas that impact child behavior as issues are currently playing out in schools. These can range from legislation that affects schools, popular school policies, current trends in child behavior, and clinically-backed opinions regarding child behavior challenges.

When the topic is important enough and has long-lasting effects on child development, behavioral development, and maturity, a deep exploration of applied scientific principles, or is a core component of our body of work, we will produce an article or white paper. We do this to illustrate our position on an idea or translate schools of thought regarding child development as it currently stands. These articles tend to be more in-depth than a blog post and require a detailed approach.

Traci and Leena personally review behavior concepts, explain how certain techniques work and why they work, and periodically bring special guests onto the show to share stories and the impact that the Healing Environment approach to child behavior has had on schools, children, and families.

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Managing child behavior is challenging. We know from experience that without the proper tools in place a behavior challenge can escalate very quickly regardless of where it takes place.

This is why we strive to give parents, teachers, and administrators the tools to give students a fighting chance at becoming successful in school, at home, and in life. Call us today at 1-888-311-1883 or via email at info@healingchildren.com to learn more about how we may be of assistance.