Is Healing Children Trauma-Informed?

People often ask if Healing Children, LLC is trauma-informed. The simple answer is yes. We have been studying the impact of trauma, attachment, and development since the 1990s, long before “trauma-informed” became a buzzword of today.  

We are mental health professionals who have been working in schools for more than 20 years. We recommend healthy, trauma-informed practices with children that are practical and effective within a school setting. 

The strategies we teach display empathy, compassion, and support while also maintaining high expectations for students’ behavior. We teach educators how to set boundaries with the out-of-control behavior which often interferes with the child’s ability to connect, follow school rules, and learn. We maintain the expectation that a child can develop and use healthy coping skills. We don’t excuse poor or abusive behavior regardless of the cause. We want to send the empowering message that:

  • They are strong.
  • They can survive and thrive.
  • They can find meaning in their hardships.
  • Healing is possible.
  • They will become more confident and connected to others as they work through their struggles or sometimes because of their struggles.

When children learn to regulate their emotions and control their behavior, they mature.  Maturity ultimately helps them in building healthy relationships with peers and adults that gives them even more support in their life. 

Instead of saying we’re trauma-informed, we prefer to say we are “child informed.”  We look at everything that can impact a child’s emotional well-being and behavior. We understand and teach about trauma, attachment, entitlement, and over protection, and how all of these interfere with a child’s emotional and conscience development. We deeply understand child development and what children need to grow and thrive. 

Our ultimate goal is for all children to grow up and have healthy relationships with others, to be independent, and to have the ability to give back to society —Wouldn’t that be amazing?!

To learn more come to one of our classes or take one of our online trainings!


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