TRAUMA, DISRUPTED ATTACHMENT AND SURVIVAL   When children are exposed to early, complex, and/or long-term trauma, their brains can become wired for self-protection. Often, it makes them feel responsible for taking care of themselves. This focus on survival and controlling one’s environment can affect the natural progression through the developmental stages, impacting conscience development and […]

Is this Child’s Emotional Maturity Delayed?

Is this Child’s Emotional Maturity Delayed? When searching for solutions to a child’s misbehavior or emotional concerns, we have to ask whether the behavior is related to an underlying mental illness, is it a maturity issue, or both. We need to understand that emotional development occurs in stages, what disrupts the natural development process, and […]

Typical Development…Does it Matter?

TYPICAL DEVELOPMENT, DOES IT MATTER? Children’s maturity and development happen in stages. We have learned that children need to successfully pass through one stage in order to move on to the next stage. Understanding child development is a key to understanding children’s behavior and mental health.    Why do we need to know this? When […]